Redefining how products are purchased and interacted with.


We're changing e-commerce communication to create an opportunity for both consumers and retailers.

We combine extensive retail and software development experience.


Our mission is to connect like-minded consumers on a global scale.


We now live in a connected consumer world. After two centuries of offline retail and more than two decades of e-commerce, retail has shifted into a different era.


With the uprise of social media and a growing global inter-connectivity, we set out to develop a solution that would end the problems of intransparent and uninformed purchasing experiences.


Why not connect consumers who share the same interests, admiration for brands and product preferences? Today's static review models and chatbots are static, restricted and lack in quality of information.


FRAEND is the world's first solution to enable both a dynamic communication and a trustful exchange of information between a consumer community.


We connect for better insights and higher conversions.

The core values that guide us



We aim for a worldwide community connected by taste, interest and product.

Global interaction supports us to be better together than we are on our own.



Everyone on our platform should feel safe and secure in a harmonic environment driven by information, not differentiation.



We strive to create meaningful interactions and consumer relationships - We take care of you so that you can take care of others.



Our communication is dynamic, candid and constructive, in order to build a platform of trust and integrity.

A few facts about FRAEND



It's spelled \ ˈfrend \ like "friend" and the letter "A" refers to the terms augmented and artificial.



Founded by Julius Jacobi (CEO) in the summer of 2018.



Headquartered in the sunny and ever-evolving Berlin, Germany.

The founder behind FRAEND and its consumer connection platform.